Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Email: Miracle Week!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello Family, friends and all you other people ha ha
Como se hace todo el mundo? Espero que todos ustedes estan haciendo muy bien! Bueno, si usted traduce esto usted ser?/span> capaz de ver que me han cambiado a un misionero de habla espanola. Loco eh! Puede usted creer que yo voy a estar hablando espaanoles y ahora que tengo que volver al MTC por un periodo adicional de 6 semanas de entrenamiento. Ok todo eso era en realidad completamente falsa. Me disculpo yo estaba teniendo un poco de diversion.
Anyways this past week was a pretty good week. We saw quite a few miracles. The first one came when we were teaching Kaylee. So we were teaching the Plan of Salvation to her.( you may want to try and get a Preach My Gospel so that when I say a lesson you go see what is in that lesson.) Anyways it went very well and it was a lot of fun to teach. We got to use a lot of object lessons. Like to represent the different kingdoms of glory we used different amounts of light. Like we used a flashlight to represent the lowest kingdom then dim lights for the next and finally all of the lights in the room on to represent the celestial kingdom. That was a lot of fun then we also got to use the glove analogy to represent our spirits through out our lives. Then at the end of the lesson we..........wait for it..........committed her to baptism on October 27th! It was really awesome to get a firm baptismal commitment down. So now we just have to coordinate everything with the other missionaries in the Sac mission. The next miracle I saw this week came on exchanges. I went on exchanges with Elder Ashby. How cool? We got to talk a lot about our families and home towns because we have both been to each others towns a lot. So during that day we were able to each quite a few lessons. The most memorable by far was the lesson we had with a less active family. It was a very spirit lesson in which I shared D&C 121:7-8 She was very stressed and seemed like she was about to lose it at he first of the lesson, but as the spirit worked on her she was able to calm down and really listen to our message. After the lesson I felt prompted to ask her if she would like a blessing. She accepted so then I was able to give her a blessing. It was amazing! So this past Saturday we had the Bro-lympics. It was an Elders Quorum activity that was a lot of fun. We had various activities such as spitting contests, tug-of-wars, paintball shooting contests(I was the target!), pie eating(pmpkin pie with almonds olives and crushed prunes Blah), and jousting. It was a blast and I ended up winning the whole thing with 9 gold medals. For winning I got a big steak. Pretty great! Alright last miracle. So yesterday at church we got introduced to this lady. Her name is Honey. She told that she had met with missionaries about 17 years ago. they lost contact when they moved. Anyways she was watching TV when a Mitt Romney commercial came on. She just thought to herself "I think I will give the Mormons another shot" So she just showed up to church. That was so cool and such a blessing. She has had a lot of trails in her past and I know that this gospel can help her. Well the story goes on. We were shopping and came out of the store after we finished. Well guess who came walking up? Yep it was Honey with her husband right behind her. SO we got to talk to both of them. He told us that Honey had spoken very highly of us and our church. As we were leaving he told us "well you can expect us in church on Sunday! I can guarantee that it wasn't just a coincidence that we ran into each other today" That was such a miracle in my eyes. I know that these people are definitely prepared to hear the Gospel. Well I better wrap things up. I love you all so much. I loved all of the good news from back home(Staci and the baby, Katelyn and the dance and Hannah and school) and out here in Cali, ( Rob, Linds and the house) I love you all and keep the good news coming I hope you all have a fantastic week.
Love Elder Payne
Elder Payne and his new companion Elder Halle have quite a lot in common
Elder Payne in the pie eating contest 
Elder Payne won the "steak" with 9 gold medals in the "bro-lympics" in his ward!!


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