Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pictures Galore! (Sept-Oct)

The memory card is back and we have many pictures to share! Enjoy!

Pictures from 7/28/12-10/17/12
(with Hunter's captions)

Pioneer Day Celebration
 Creepy spiders I saw-
Awesome picture I made- 
 Somebody's cool dog-
 The Triple Burger- I ate a triple, then a double, then a single. Yes, I was very sick after.
 Pretty flower-
 Last P-day before transfers-
 Last time with Elder Woolley-
New companion, Elder Halle/ We got new chairs!-

Nathan and Renton, the two coolest kids in the ward-
My little trick I do-
 Ultimate Plan of Salvation chart-
 Brolympics (ward party)-
Nasty pie with almonds, olives, and prunes (he won the pie eating contest)
 Jousting, I was the overall champion- (with red helmet)
 Bouncy velcro wall-
 Sweet rifle-
 Monkey bread!
 Sister Funua-
 Announcement 18 year olds can now go on missions!
 Elder Rodriguez, Spanish Elder-
 Daddy Daves, Part II
 We are Awesome!
(Elder Halle)
 Last of the district-

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