Sunday, October 14, 2012

Letter from a Member

Monday, October 14th, Mom received this email from a member. What an awesome surprise and so great to hear how Hunter is doing from someone else's perspective!

Hey Sheri,
The Elder's are over for dinner right now. They were playing a card game after dinner with my kids that your son taught them. We kinda had a weird dinner tonight. I asked the Elders last month what their favorite meals were. Your son said Poppy seed chicken. He described it pretty well, so I looked up a recipe on the internet that was pretty close to what he described and made it for them last time they came over. That was pretty good stuff! My kids really liked it too. This time was Elder Halle's favorite dinner night which is breakfast foods. It was a little messed up cuz we didn't have any milk to make buttermilk waffles out of so we had pancakes and cake dessert waffles. We also had this breakfast pizza thing. Anyways, I'm stuffed. I hope I didn't ruin these missionaries favorite meals. After having my cooking. Hee Hee. We are having them over again the Sunday before Halloween so we are having a fun meal that I will be more prepared for..

The missionaries sounded great today in Sacrament meeting. They helped sing a part in the Young Women Presentation. It really turned out awesome. Everyone in the ward loved it. I wonder when my son goes on a mission if he would actually get up and sing in church cuz he's not so much the singing type, but hopefully, especially because he thinks your son and Elder Halle are cool and they sang.

So I asked your son what I should tell daughter just said to tell you that these missionaries are "hyper and annoying" hee hee. Your son just said to tell you that my son should marry Katelyn. Not so sure Katelyn would like that since she has a boyfriend....I think I will see if we can play a quick game of pit before they go home tonight.

I really appreciate the example these missionaries set for the youth of our ward!

Sandi Bryan

Pictures of Elder Payne & Elder Halle at the Bryan's Home-

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