Friday, June 1, 2012

Squeezing in some FUN before the Mission!

Hunter came home from college a month before he left on his mission. He didn't waste any time filling the month of May with any and every event he might possibly miss. It was an exciting, busy, fun-filled month!

*He went on a cruise with his family...
 ...where he celebrated his 19th Birthday!

*He went shooting with his Dad and brother-in-laws. 

*His college friends came to Tremonton the weekend of his farewell- they had a pool party, BBQ, and spent the night at Grandpa's pond.

 *He played with his little buddy

*He hung out with all his best friends from high school

*He took the fam to do the FLOWRIDER in Ogden!

*He kept everyone up late with lots of movies on the deck.

*He spent most everyday with his best friends Whitty and Derek

*He watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies (his favorite movie)

*He visited Grandpa Payne's grave on Memorial Day

*And of course, he (and we) did lots of packing!

The house was full of family and friends the week leading up to his mission. Lots of people coming and going and lots of fun times together! 

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