Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Email: First Week in the Field!

Monday, June 25th

Hello Everyone,
                         Well I am almost through my first week in the field and it has been so great. I have been learning so much it is crazy . It was weird coming out into the field after being sheltered in the MTC for so long. Its like they want us to have as many spiritual experiences before thrusting us back out into the real world. I really love the area I am in. It is the Citrus Heights zone Van Maren ward area. I is one of the smaller zones. It is the furthest south zone in the entire mission. I was a little upset I didnt get to go up and see all of the reall pretty areas up north but this area is reaaly amazing. The size of the area I am lving in is about 5 miles by 5 miles so as you can expect it is an all bike area. Well my legs and butt are not exactly used to biking right now. We started out by only biking about 7 miles the first day then 10 the next and we have been riding about 14 to 15 miles every day since. Well even though we steadly increased the distance my legs and especially my butt have not acclimated as quickly. I swear the bike seat is made of stone because it hurts so bad. haha My trainer said that is will only take about a week or 2 to get used to the biking. My trainer is a really nice guy. He has been out almost 15 months. Its weird because he is getting to the point where he is almost done and I am just barely beginning. Anyways he is from South Jordan and played hockey in high school. Like I said he is a really nice guy and easy to get along with. I look forward to getting to know him better and learning from him.
                          The first few days pretty much all we have been doing is meeting important people in the ward. We have also visted all of the investigators in the area and the Less actives as well. The members here are really kind and really helpful. I look forward to serving around all of these great people. We are having a baptism thsi Saturday for an 11 year old girl. She is really sweet and reminds me a lot of Hannah. Her dad is less active and her mom is not a member. She decided to take the lessons because one of her friends lives in the ward. Overall everything has been fantastic. I had my first door slammed in my face tracting so that was absolutley awesome the best part is that it was the first door  knocked ever. I loved it haha I am really excited for the Oppurtunity to serve here and very greatful for thelove that I feel from all of you. I love you all so much and cant wait to here back from you. God bless you all.
                                                                                                  Love Elder Payne

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