Sunday, June 17, 2012

Email: Soon Leaving the MTC

Saturday, June 16th

Hello hello hello everyone,
                              Well the time is drawing near. I am officially departing the MTC on Tuesday the 19th at 5 in the AM. SO far the MTC has been such a great experience for me. I have absolutely loved it. I was looking back through some of my journal entries from the past few weeks and I am pretty sure that every single one says that that day wsa more amazing then the last. It is beginning to be a similar theme that i have been writing about, but it is so trueevery day has new trials and new accomplishments and it is so amazing the feeling I get from being in here.I have been so blessed to be able to see the mighty change of heart and mind that has taken place in myself. I attribute every bit of that to this place. I saw the new missionaries come in this past Wednesday and I just couldnt help but think wow that was me just a few weeks ago. Now I feel so much more mature and enlightened then i did then. What is also crazy to think is that in just a few short days i will be out in the field proselyting and teaching real investigators. It is a scary thought but I know that through all of your support and love and the grace of the Lord I can accomplish anything.
                          I just want to thank you all for the letters of support that you have been sending me and if I havent written back I will be shortly. Things are just always so crazy and busy here that I barely have any down time to write letters back to you all. Also thank you all for all of the food and packages you have sent me. I am now known as the Elder with all of the food. I will be sending my memory card with all of the pictures in it showing you just how much food I really have.
                       Mom in response to your email yes I met a teacher here. I know her as Sister Fuller, but she knew Tyler and Staci both. That is awesome that she emailed you and told you that we met. It was really great getting to meet someone that was from my hometown. There have been a lot more familiar faces here as well. I have seen Mitch Casey recently. He came in this Wednesday with the new group. I have also gotten to see Elder Marsh quite a bit. I see Elder Christensen almost everyday and pretty much everyone else that is out from our town. My companion is constantly asking if my entire town jsut decided to go on a mission at the exact same time.
                         So i heard about Derek and his ankle. That is absolutely crazy! Tell him he better recover quick because they dont deal with excuses here. They will just take him out back and put him down if it starts bothering him. haha no just kidding tell him to get feeling better and I hope he is up and going in no time.
                         So just to let you know the hair cuts here look ridiculuos. One of the Elders here got one and it looked so dumb. They basically try to make it so no girl will ever want to come near you. SO i decided I would skip the hair cuts here and jsut get one out in the field. Tell Nicky that they need to get her in here so the missionaries will actually look presentable haha. So I hope that everyones summer is going well write me and let me know what is going on. I love you all and hope that all is well.
                                                                                   Love you all,
                                                                                                     Elder Payne

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