Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pictures in Citrus Heights!

Hunter just sent us home his memory card with some fun pictures and videos! It's fun to see him being his goofy self! Looks like he is doing great!

Pictures from 6/30/12-7/24/12

2 Great Danes-
Just chillin' (in apartment)-
Contact Jenga with Alfred. I think I have told you about him. Mexican mafia, has one leg-
No caption with this photo, but it must be a picture of his or his companion's tire- look at that worn out tread!
 A falcon in a tree
 Scripture Power (it's real!)-
 I was bored with Skittles-
Video of Elder Payne & Elder Woolley telling about their flat tire experience-
Metal that was in bike tire-
 Harry Potter wands- 
 Our zone (sorry we are fuzzy)
The ice cream challenge (at Leatherby's)- and yes, I did eat all of it! In under 15 minutes.
Elder Gillen (he leaves this next week)-
Our district-
Really funny (came from that little book you gave me)
(For all those who aren't writing him! haha kidding)

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