Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Email: Happy Investigator

Hello Family,
             Hello again well if you can believe it I have officially survived one whole transfer. That is six weeks dwn only a lot more to go haha. No, it was such a great transfer and I learned so much in such a short period of time. I am so grateful that I can be out here serving. So some updates from last time I emailed. I took over the area for the second time last Tuesday. It was a little more nerve racking this time though because I was with the zone leader this time. He is a really awesome guy though so it ended up not being to terrible. So we were walking around that day and we tracted into this guy sitting in his garage. He was about 70 or 80 somewhere in there. We got to talk to him for a bit before his wife got home. She is about the same age and really nice. So we talked with her for a quite a while and they invited us to come inside out of the heat for a bit. She is really interested in family history and was really excited when we told her that we could help her get started on hers. After a while right before we left we offered to pray with her and her husband and offer to bless there home and there family. She just lit up when we told her that.She got just giddy. So we asked if we could come back and teach her some more and she said she would love it if we did. That was such a neat experience to do that. We are actually going to meet with her later today so I will let you know how that goes.
              So pretty much everything out here is same old same old. Just doing a lot of finding and a bit of teaching. I just have to tell you mom and dad how grateful I am for the type of parents you are and the kind of home you raised us all up in. I have seen a lot of families out here that could use the gospel in their lives so much, but they are to hard in their hearts to recognize that need.  It truly is amazing, just night and day, the difference between the families without those moral values and without the presence of the priesthood in their homes and those that do. So I want to thank you for that.
              I hope everyone is doing alright back home. Staci with the baby, linds and rob with the move, and kate and hannah just with life in general. How has Derek been doing in the MTC? How about Tevan? have things gotten better for him? Last Wednesday when Derek went in I just remembered what it was like and how much I have changed since then. Not in being myself but spiritually and in maturity. It is amazing how fast you mature and grow when you have the spirit working on you like it does. Those two will see that come to life very soon. The amount of growth in the MTC and the first few weeks in  the field is unlike anything I have ever experienced.
               So in other news my companion, Elder Woolley, has become District Leader for our district. It was really cool to get the news. So I will let you know how he is doing with that. Well I love you all very much. I am praying constantly for you all. I love you all and thank you for all of the love and support
                                                                    Love Elder Payne

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