Friday, July 6, 2012

Email: Family

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello to my wonderful family,
         I am just going to start out by saying how much a I love and miss all of you. Out here I am seeing families that have been ripped apart, and split up for various reasons. It makes me so greatful to have such a wonderful family like you all. Things here have been so busy and crazy. I feel bad that I havent been able to get letters out as quickly as I would like. If you have sent me one recently dont worry they are coming. So it sounds like everyone is doing really well. That is really scary what happened to Amber. It
is good to know that she is doing alright now though. Tell her how happy I am for her and that she is in my prayers. That is also really scary what happened to Drake. Sounds like he was tough as ever though.
Thats my little bud. I hope all of you girls are having a fun time down in St. George.
           Concerning this last week. Well this past week has been a big disappointment compared to how it should have gone. First the little girl that was going to be baptized this past Saturday didnt end up getting baptized. Her mother who is a non-member called it off because she did not feel that the little girl was ready to make a commitment like that. The mother also wants to know a little bit more about the church so she feels more comfortable. We told her that was totally understandable. So hopefully we are going to be able to start teaching the mother as well. That way we can just baptize them both. Next a family that seemed really interested, had us over for dinner and for a lesson. When it came time for the lesson they told us that they werent really ready to start doing it. That kinda sucked because they are such a great family and I know that the gospel would be able to bless them so much. So our plan of action is to continue fellowshipping them so that maybe they eventually will want to hear about the gospel. Throughout the week we had a bunch of cancelled appointments which also sucked. However this week is looking a lot better. Elder Woolley and I are really optimistic for this coming week. We are going to be focusing on less actives and potential investigators. So make sure and keep that in your prayers.
             Even though I am missing you I know that the lord is blessing our family so much because of the work I am doing. The blessings are already apparent. It makes me want to work even harder so that I can try and repay the blessings that we are all recieving. Make sure and keep me updated on everything going on. I am praying constantly for all of you. I cant wait to here back from you. I love you all so much. Remember how greatful I am to be out here. I love you!
                                                                                   Love, Elder Payne
Photo by: Aunt Becky Duncan

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