Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letter: Bearing Testimony

This is a really great letter we wanted to share!


Hello Family,
Well here is your letter that you have been so anxiously awaiting. Sounds like things are going good there still. Things are pretty much the same here. we have actually found 2 new investigators so far this week! We are really excited to finally be seeing some success. I know that all of that hard work is finally paying off. I have to thank you for all of your prayers, they are really being felt on my end.

How is everyone doing with everything that is going on with Linds and Rob? How crazy is it to think when you come and visit them you will only be 2 hours away from me? Pretty crazy if you ask me. They really are going to love it out here. Some of the laws are a little ridiculous, but they will adapt just fine in no time.

Wow! Isn't it crazy that my first transfer is already basically done with? Now I only have about 16 more. haha! There is a missionary going home from our district and he kept telling me how fast it goes and how he remembers like it was yesterday when he was in my position. I'm sure it is going to be the exact same way and soon I will be in his shoes.

So I took over the area for the second time yesterday. This time I was with our Zone leader. He is a Tongan/Samoan guy from Florida. He is awesome and we had a great day. He told me that he was really impressed with how well I ran the area. He didn't really even have to do that much. That was really great to hear that I did well. I was really nervous to do it with ZL here but sounds like I did alright.

As you will hear on the video I am sending you, I had my first real experience with a really bashy guy. I stood my ground though and didn't bash back. I just bore him my testimony and walked away. It was probably the maddest I have been out here so far. Just because he was bashing on things that I hold so close to my heart.

Well, I love you all so much. Thank you all for all of the support. Hannah, thank you for the letter. That was very sweet of you. I hope that moose didn't scare you too bad (a moose walked into their testimony meeting at YW's camp). I love you all.

Love, Elder Payne

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