Monday, February 3, 2014

Email: Happy February!

Dear family,
Well I sure hope that this email finds you all doing well. I am sure you all had a busy week as always. I know things out here have been really great! I am finally getting a little used to the area and all of the people I have to know. It is always really crazy and stressful the first couple of weeks. I am really starting to love this area a lot. I do from time to time really miss Redding but that is ok there are a lot of really good people here that I am learning to love a lot.

So basically we have been extremely busy lately. We had 2 baptisms this past Saturday, which was phenomenal. One was in the YSA ward and the other was in the family ward. I am covering both wards now just like in Redding. I actually really enjoy working with two different wards. Especially when one of them is YSA. There is just a lot different feeling when you are working with YSA because you are able to relate with them a whole lot better than older people. So the girl who was baptized in the YSA was one they had been working with for quite some time now. She was referred to the missionaries about 4 or 5 months ago and now she finally got baptized! The one who got baptized in the family ward was a young man who is about 10 years old. His mother is a less active member that they have been trying to reactivate for a while. Anyways that baptism went really well as well. I didn't know either of the people super well because I only went to
like 2 or 3 lessons with them but it was a great event none the less.

Lately we have been working with a lot of less active members. We had a great turnout yesterday for church. There were about 9 less active members that came, it was great. These are all people that we have
been working a lot with lately too. It is a lot different working here than in Redding. The members are a little different, they are all really nice but just different. Here we have been working with a lot more of the less actives, and helping them to get active again. Which I don't mind at all, I figure that reactivating someone is right up there with baptizing them. I will have to keep you updated with all of the people as well, as soon as I get to know them a little better.

So I guess I will fill you in a little more about my comp. I think I told you a lot last week about him. I am really enjoying serving with him. We get a long really well. I probably get a long with him better than just about any of my companions. We have a lot of the same interests which is nice because it gives us quite a bit to talk about.

So that is about all I have for all of you today, Hopefully this next week will be a little more exciting. In answer to you mom, I know it is crazy how close you are to me. I will keep a watch behind me just in case I do see you following me. It wont be too long though , I realized yesterday that I only have 16 weeks left. It is amazing just how fast time goes. I am so grateful to be out here though. It has been such a blessing to me to see the gospel work in people in so many amazing ways. Well I hope you all have a great week.

Love Elder Payne

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