Monday, January 27, 2014

Email: Hello from Antelope

Hello family,

Well I am sure that you have a ton of questions for me because well I am in a whole new place and stuff. Well I might as well get right to it. The ward I am serving in is the Citrus Heights 4th ward and Antelope 3rd ward. There are a ton of really great people here. It has been just an absolute whirlwind trying to meet everyone and learn everyone's names and all of that info. It is pretty much the same in every new ward you move into. The first two or so weeks are always just insane and a little difficult. It is really nice having a
really good companion. He is a great guy and a great missionary too. He has been out almost a year now, in fact he has been out the same amount of time as Elder Andersen was. He is originally from Maryland,
but did go to school at UVU for a little while.

So a little more about the area and he people here. I found out that my area here actually borders my first area, Van Maren ward. Something that is really neat is that I found out that a family that I worked with a lot
in my first ward is actually living here in this ward but they are less active, so I am going to go kick them into gear and get them active again. Anyways I am sure there are going to be plenty of adventures for me to share with you all in the coming weeks and months, I definitely look forward to serving here and getting to know
all the people here so well.

So one amazing thing that happened this past week was I got the opportunity to go to the temple. I got to go with one of the recent converts from up in Redding. His name is Cody Ohlau and he has been a member for just about a year and a half. He is going to be serving a mission in Tampa Florida. So Elder Harman myself and another elder he is close with all went to the temple with him for his first time. It was such an amazing experience being able to go to the temple after having been so long since I have gone. I love that place it is
such an amazing place to be. He was one of the most prepared people I have ever met to go through the temple. He is going to be a great missionary.

Well that is about it from me I will have a lot more next week once I get settled in more and have more for you all. Oh my address here is:

4116 Pima Way, Antelope, CA 95843

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Love Elder Payne

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