Monday, February 24, 2014

Email: Pro Table and Chair Putter Upper

Hello Family,
Well I sure hope that all of you are doing great! I cant believe just how fast this past week has gone. It really feels like the weeks are just flying by now. We are now entering the 6th and final week of the transfer. This honestly has been the fastest transfer that I have ever experienced. I think it is really because I have a good companion, the ward and work and going good, and I am happy. You know what they say time flies when you are having fun! Anyways so this week has once again been a good one. Like i said it went very fast but I really enjoyed it.

So it sounds as if things are still going really well back home. It sounds like dad you are really starting to have the heat out on with his time of year. It is funny I have talked with a few of the accountants out here and I have been asking them if they are getting ready for the busy season. Most of them just look at me and shrug their shoulders and say well as ready as I can be. I remember just how crazy this time of year gets for the family so just remember to take it one day at a time. It sounds like that basketball game was pretty intense! I would have loved to have been there for that one, I am just glad they finally got that monkey off there back and beat those guys.
That is really awesome that there are so many people that have served out here. It is really funny all of the little connections that can be made in one area. I will let you know if I need anything from
Charlotte but I right now I am doing well. I wasn't able to go and get a new pair of pants yet but I will soon. Well I hope I answered all of your questions, if I didn't just let me know. In also I almost forgot I went online and started looking into school again and my registration doesn't begin until like April 9th so I have a little time before things need to start happening. As it gets closer I will
let you know what more needs to be done.

For starters we began the week Tuesday morning with our zone conference. We had three of the zones with us, those being Roseville, Citrus Heights, and of course us. There were around 55 missionaries there. We were actually the host zone leaders, which sounds cool but it really just means we set up and took down tables and chairs and stuff. I have realized something lately. The main thing that the church trains us men to do is take down and set up chairs. Think about it when we are deacons one of the most common things we do is set up chairs and tables, by the time you leave on a mission you are a stinking pro at it! haha There is the priesthood in action right there
my friends! haha ;) Anyways so the meeting started at about 9 in the morning and ended at about a quarter to 4. So yes it was a very long meeting. We did have a break for lunch of course. It was a really good zone meeting though. They basically went over making sure that we are all focusing on the importance of missionary work. There was a lot of different training and teaching and different people that spoke to us. We had a few safety presentations for us. In fact there was an Elder out here that actually got hit by a car about like August or Septemberish. He was riding his bike and went through an intersection when the light was red and got nailed by a car. He is doing fine now
but he showed us al pictures from when it happened and just stressed to us all the importance of wearing helmets and following the laws. So overall it was a pretty good meeting. Of course it was a lot of sitting and studying but i survived.

I am sure you are all wondering about how the teaching is going and about the few new investigators that we picked up the week previous so I will fill you in on them. So the two boys that I know from Van Maren, Chris and Nick, both had to cancel their appointment with us. We were both pretty sad about that but we will reschedule soon with them. Actually we had a lot of cancelled appointments now that I think more about it. We had a few cancel almost everyday, but hey thats ok because we were ready and willing to teach them and I think that shows The Lord a lot. I have found that, that is a big part of this work is your attitude. Are you ready and willing to go out there and teach when you receive the opportunity or are you going to shrink from it. I am really trying to prepare myself more and more because I have been out for a while and when you have been out for a while there is the tendency to think, "oh i got this I have this all figures out." Well
that is usually not the case because when you develop that attitude The Lord will show just how much you actually do not know everything and how much you do need to rely on him.

Anyways I wont bore you anymore with my mindless ramblings. So something interesting that happened today is we received a new bishop in the singles ward. The past one got called to be the stake patriarch, so they had to call a new one. He seems like a really nice guy and I am excited to get to know him.

Well thats about all that I have for you all this week. I am sure this following week will bring plenty of adventures for me to report on next Monday, and hey by next Monday I will be able to tell you
whether or not Elder Harman and I are staying together. So until next Monday I bid you all Adieu.
Love Elder Hunter Payne

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