Monday, November 5, 2012

Email: 6 month BOM challenge

Hello to everyone,
                    Well I hope everyone is finding some time to rest after this past week. It sounded like things were pretty crazy everywhere. I saw on Lindsay's blog that you all made it alright and didn't have the usual mishap of some kind that accompanies big moves in our family. How is the new house looking? Are you enjoying the beautiful Northern California weather? I really hope everything is going well for you. Staci have there been any new updates with the baby? How big is she now? How did the bears do this past weekend? I heard they were playing to see if they would go to play at Rice-Eccles stadium so hopefully they won. Thank you very much as well for the package you sent me. I baked the cake and it ended up looking pretty cool.
                     Well now that I got most of my questions out of the way let me fill you in on what has been going on here in Cali. This past week has been a very tiring one. We were out a ton and were able to teach quite a few lessons. I'm not sure if i told you about Hailey Duncan so if i did i will just retell you about her. So Hailey is a 14 year old girl who they started teaching only about a week before I got here. She is really smart and loves learning about the Gospel. She really wants to be baptized as well. Unfortunately her parents are extremely against her getting baptized. Her father is an extreme alcoholic who is drunk every day by noon. Her mom is just super anti-Mormon and wants nothing to do with her is just such a hard situation and I feel just terrible for her. she has such a tender heart and has probably cried 9 or 10 times during lessons. Right now we are just reading through the Book of Mormon. If she cant get permission from her parents to be baptized she has to wait until she is 18. So we just keep working with her as much as we can. She actually wants to meet with us like every single day! Its really great because she is one that really needs daily contact. The man we had a baptismal date with actually dropped us so we are no longer teaching him right now. It sucks but hopefully he will realize how much this gospel can help him. We set two more baptismal dates on Friday for December 8th. A husband and wife named Juanita and Mario. They are really searching for the truth and we are trying to help them find it. Some of you might be wondering how Halloween went. It was alright. It sucked because we had to be in by 6 because they don't want any of us getting in trouble. Those are just kind of the main updates of this week. We have a few more people that we are teaching but they aren't as mentionable as the ones I put down. This area is really great and i am really happy to be here. Oh also another thing that i found out that is really cool. Honey Greenshield is getting baptized this coming Saturday. Elder Halle told me and I was so excited. I immediately called my mission president to get permission to go to it. He told me I could so i am really excited to go watch her be baptized this coming Saturday. I will make sure and let you know how it goes. So that is the update from this week. Things are going really well and i am really happy here.
                                          Something I have been thinking about doing. I want to do a 6 month Book of Mormon challenge. On the build up from 6 months to a year for me being out here. It would be about 1 chapter a day for 6 months. Starting on the 30th of November. It would end about the 30th of May.(my year mark) Let me know what you think. I think it might be kind of fun to do. Just let me know what you think about it. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all very much.

                                                                                              Love Elder Payne

I hope you like the pictures!

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