Monday, November 26, 2012

Email: Thanksgiving and Temple!

 Dear everyone,

                      Well I hope you were all able to have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I heard that there were quite a few places that you were all going so I am sure it was very busy but very great.
So for Thanksgiving we woke up and then went and played flag football for a couple of hours. It was an absolute blast! It was really muddy but I didn't mind it just added to the fun. It was really cool come to find out we had been playing with Mrs. Udy's brother or brother-in-law I can't remember. It was funny so later on in the week we went and visited her. She said she was going to be sending those pictures to you so hopefully she did. After we played football we went and had a zone breakfast. We also played a bunch of basketball. After all of that was done we went to dinner around 4. They had a lot of really great food. The best by far was they got a banana cream pie for me. After dinner we just went back to the church and played some more basketball and some card games. That was basically our Thanksgiving day.

Then definitely the best part of the week was when we got to go to the temple. Oh man that was so amazing! We went early Saturday morning and took pictures before our session. It was absolutely packed in there. It was by far the most spiritual experiences I have had at the temple so far. I just absolutely love the temple, the spirit is always so strong there.

Oh I also got your package that you sent me. Thank you so much for that. It really meant a lot to get that. I especially loved the cookies. Make sure and keep those coming my way. Isn't it crazy that this is the last week of the transfer already! By the next time I email I will know what is going on that way. Elder Newcomb thinks that he is being transferred so we will see what happens. Well I love you all and I miss you a bunch.

Love Elder Payne

Hey sorry I hope you don't take this the wrong way and I want to say this in as nice a way as possible but when you guys are coming our to visit Linds and Rob could you like just not mention it to me because it makes me kinda really homesick knowing you guys are passing like 15 minutes away from me. Thanks a ton I hope your trip to San Fran went well. Love you all.

Visiting Mrs Udy and family (his Middle School Math teacher)
Thanksgiving dinner! 
 Sacramento Temple-

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