Monday, December 9, 2013

Email: SNOW, baptism, and staying in Redding!

Hello to my most amazing family it is crazy to think that another week has just flown by! It seems like the weeks are just constantly speeding by. This past week was a very interesting but great one. We were able to see, once again, a lot of really amazing things happen.
                The week of course started out pretty normal not too many things going on. We had our District meeting and  Tuesday and then on Wednesday as well. We have to go to both sometimes because we are zone leaders and had to check up with everyone before the end of the transfer.
                  On Friday we headed down to Gridley for our Monthly meeting for the Missionary leadership. It was kind of weird this time around because it usually starts at 9 in the morning so that means we have to leave at like 7 in order to get down there in time. This time it didn't start until 12 for a couple of odd reasons, it was really nice though because we didn't have to wake up really early. Anyways the meeting went really well. We talked a lot about continuing to build our faith in missionary work and using that faith to continue building the lords kingdom here on earth. Also one of the other big topics that we discussed was the goals that we are going to be shooting for in 2014. We have been challenged by Elder M Russel Ballard to double our convert baptisms in 6 months. That is a pretty tall order but I truly believe that it can be done. It is something that we have actually been able to accomplish up here in Redding. Last year in Redding we had 21 convert baptisms, this year as of last Saturday we have 42 convert baptisms in the zone! It has been such an amazing thing that has taken place. President Weston was very happy with us, in fact he had us give a little presentation during our meeting of what some of the factors were that helped us to accomplish that. We talked mainly about how close we are as a zone, how everyone loves and respects each other. Also one other big thing has been the love that each of the missionaries has for their investigators and all those that they are working with. I have really found while I have been out here how much of a motivator that love is. It is definitely  something that can change the perspective that someone has on doing missionary work. Anyways like I said overall the meeting went really great. After the meeting was over we headed back to Redding. We didn't get back into town until about 7 and by that time the snow was really coming down. We started to go to dinner but unfortunately we couldn't make it up a hill by our house! There were cars sliding down the hill and tons of people getting in wrecks and stuff. Silly California drivers don't know how to drive in the snow and there ended up being like 60 wrecks around town. We took it as a great opportunity to go out and help people. We spent the rest of the night just pushing peoples cars out of the snow. It was an absolute blast!
                   Then on Saturday we had a great thing happen, two women that the sisters have been teaching asked Elder Andersen and i to baptize them. It was such a neat experience, There is nothing quite like being in the water and being able to participate in that amazing ordinance.
                 Sunday was one of the best days on my mission so far. The man who got baptized a few weeks ago got the priesthood and so now he is going to be able to baptize his two sons and his wife. I am so excited for that. It is going to be taking place this weekend. What an amazing event that will be.
                 Well that is about it for this week. Oh before I forget to tell you, we got our transfer call and I am staying in Redding! I was so happy to hear that because we have so many amazing things going on in our ward and I just did not want to miss any of it. Well I love you all and hope everything is still going good.  Stay warm out there. Also mom thank you very much for calling Bro. Miles. He said he really enjoyed your phone call.

Thanks again, Love Elder Payne

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