Monday, December 2, 2013

Email: 18 month mark!

Hello to you all,
                      Well I sure hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving. From what mom emailed me it sounds like it was a very interesting one for sure. At least you had one good one earlier on in the week. Also I just have to tell you I cant believe that you all went and did the Black Friday thing. I thought you had to be insane to do that. Anyways this past week was pretty great! We were able to see a lot of really good things despite it being the Holidays. Earlier in the week nothing to crazy happened, just pretty much the normal stuff. The normal stuff being we went around a lot trying to visit people but unfortunately a lot of them weren't home. We also spent a large portion of the week compiling reports for our big stake meeting on Sunday. So I'm sure you are wondering what it is we did on Thanksgiving, I know that you do know a little bit already. Sis Schaub and you are in pretty good contact. So in the morning we just kind of bummed around a bit. Did a few things then we went to dinner at 2, well I guess it was more like lunch, but anyways that was a lot of fun. I ate a ton of food! They definitely fed us very well. They had the greatest array of pies I have ever seen. There was everything from pumpkin to cherry to apple, and a few in between, and of course they had my favorite, a homemade banana cream pie! It was pretty darn amazing. Anyways they have this really fun tradition where they do this candy advent calender for the countdown to Christmas. It apparently is a tradition that has been going on in their family for like 25 years. So after that dinner we headed to our second dinner at 5. This one was quite interesting, because it was with a bunch of people from a local church. So I will explain a little better. There is a girl that attends the singles branch with us and she lives with a bunch of girls who go to this place called Bethel. It is this big mega church that is quite strange. They have this college where they teach people how to heal people and stuff. Anyways we went to a thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of them because a lot of them have never had thanksgiving because they are from out of the country. We were able to meet people from all over the world. Over all it was a pretty awesome thanksgiving and one I will never forget. Saturday was an interesting day. That was the day I hit 18 months. It is so weird to think that I have been out for that long. I really hope these last 6 months go as well as the first 18. I am really trying my best to be as good as I can and just be better for all those around me. I want to make these last 6 months very memorable. Oh and of course on Saturday I did my burning of something, so this time I got to burn a  pair of pants. It was pretty great. On Sunday Will Lockwood was confirmed which was fantastic, we also talked to his wife and she wants to get baptized with her boys now. It will be amazing because now Will can baptize all three of them. So things are still going great. Well just a reminder transfers are coming up soon. Next week to be exact so be careful sending things towards the end of the week. I love you all and hope everything is still going great!

Love Elder Payne

Burning pants for 18 months out!

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