Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Email: Baptism this Saturday!

Dear Family,
                 Hello to you all, well here is a little update on how things have been going. I am currently feeling quite a bit better than I was yesterday and this morning. Up until just a little bit ago I want able to get much fluid or food in me without it going straight through me. As you could tell I was a little dehydrated. Hopefully I can start getting things to stay down now. I should be feeling quite a bit better tomorrow.

                   Well anyways enough about me haha lets talk more about what has been going on out here. Lets start with the Allans, they are still doing great. We had our last lessons with them last week. We covered the Word of Wisdom on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we covered the Law of Tithing. As you can imagine they took all of it just fine and didnt have any problems with any of it. They are looking very solid for this Saturday. We were getting everything set up for the baptismal program and Keriann their daughter wants me to baptize her! I am really excited because this family is one that I have gotten really close to over my time here.

                  Alrighty well let me tell you about one of the investigators we picked up this last week. So this guy was a media referral that we have not been able to contact for about a month and a half. The thing with him was that in the referral info all there was, was a phone number and no address. In the info it said that he did not want us contacting him at his house, which I thought was funny because there was no address anyways. haha Anyways finally we got a hold of him and he said he would meet us at the church. So we met with him and lets just say that he is one of the most prepared people I have ever met. We started out talking about his past associations with the church. He told us that his older sister had met with the missionaries when they were younger. He said that he could really feel a difference when the missionaries would come over. Then he told us how he went to the open house of the nauvoo temple and he just absolutely loved the feeling that he had there. Then he told us how he went to temple square in Salt Lake and had the same feeling. Well I told him that, that was the Holy Ghost and that there is a reason that he feels that way in those places. Well he also came to church with us on Sunday and  definitely the best part was after when he told us how much he loved the High Priest Group. He said that he felt so privileged to be in a room with so many amazing men who have the spirit radiating from them so well. We are going to be meeting with him again on Friday. I am so excited to meet with him again.

                    Hey I just wanted to comment on what has been going on with you guys. That is so awesome about the baby blessing. You all looked great and it looked like it was a great experience. Savannah looked absolutely gorgeous as well. By the way I liked how in one of the pictures dad is holding a cup of Diet Coke. haha I am sorry about the rain, it seems like that is just sort of a theme that goes a long with our family activities. Also something really neat about the scripture that you sent me. So in my personal scripture study I found the exact same scripture and I really, really loved it. It was so cool that you had heard the same exact thing.
                   Well that was pretty much the highlights of our week. It was a good week right up until I got sick things should be better now though.I love you all and hope you have a great week.

 Love Elder Payne

Addendum from Mom:

Hi everyone, 
   Just a little info on the first of his letter.  We got a short email from him on Monday saying that he was really sick and would email us tomorrow.  After you see the picture of him you'll understand just how sick he was.  So thankful that he has great people in his ward to take care of him. The McGhies have been so great to he and his companion and it is their daughter Makaylie that was baptized on his bday, after they adopted her two weeks ago.  Buffy, the mom, called to just check on them since she hadn't heard from them since Sunday and she knew he wasn't feeling well.  She wouldn't take no for an answer and went to the store and got him all the things he needed to get feeling better.  They are an amazing couple and I am so thankful for them.  She called and let me know that she was taking good care of him and that he was slowly getting back to the land of the living.  The Lord is so mindful of his missionaries!! So grateful to have him serving on a mission.  Thanks for all of your love and prayers in his behalf.  Have a great week.

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