Monday, September 10, 2012

Email: Prayer is such a blessing

Hello Family,
                 Well there has been a lot going on this past week. A lot of things changing and a lot of new things. So let me start with the least important and move up in importance. So first off I learned this past week that I like to eat both bell peppers and tomatoes. Now this may not come as that big of news to much but you all know how picky I am when it comes to food. Second, I got to teach my first lesson in  church on Sunday. It was kinda scary because I found out I had to teach it late Saturday night and didn't have much time to prepare for it. However i think it still turned out ok. The subject was Eternal marriage so something I didn't really know that much about but i still think i pulled it out. We also got a few more investigators this past week and so this coming week is going to be quite busy. So I saved the biggest news  for last. I found out just last night that I am going to be getting a new companion. Elder Woolley is being transferred somewhere and I am getting someone new. The Elders name is Elder Halle. I don't know too much about him. I do know that he has about 4 and a half months left. I got to talk to him just briefly  today and he sounds like a really nice guy. I will let you know more about him next week as I find out more myself. Pretty crazy that I am already on to my 2nd companion. I am a little nervous just not knowing what the other guy is like and whether or not we are going to get along. I am sure it will all turn out just fine though.
                 So it sounds like there has been a lot going on back at home too. I am so happy to here that things worked out well for Celestial. That is really great. I have been praying really hard for her that things would work out. I really hope that you all make her feel very welcome in our house. Where has she been sleeping? If you want just let her take my room. I would be more than happy to let her take mine. Just a little suggestion for the whole family and Celestial specifically. Sometimes we wonder why things are happening to us and why are these bad things constantly going on around me? Well I can tell you that everything happens for a reason. Our father in heaven will not make us endure more than we can endure. He is there to help us and if we allow him too, he will bare our burdens. Everything we go through has a purpose. Let the experiences we are having now turn into a lesson that we can use later in life. By doing that we are allowing ourselves to become better. Remember the "Good, better, Best" talk that was given a while ago. Well we have to become our best selves and by using these experiences we can do that.   I am so happy about the temple too. I really wish I could be there but it is better  that I be here than there. I am so happy for Linds and Rob as well. I sure hope all of the prayers that i have been sending up to heaven have been helping. I have started to learn just how important those earnest and sincere prayers are. Prayer is such a blessing and I know that it can help everyone one of us. I love you all so much,. Dont worry about the packages and letters too much, just as long as i am still getting your prayers. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week.
                                                                              Love Elder Payne

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