Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Email: New Companion

Hello everyone,
Well let me start out by telling you that this past week has been great. I got my new companion last Tuesday and luckily he is a pretty awesome guy. His name is Elder Halle and he is from Missouri. He has been out for a while like I predicted. He has been out a little over 20 months, So this is most likely his last area. In the few days that we have had together we have gotten a long great. We dont exactly have the same interests but we still get along well. He came into this area with a ton of enthusiasm to work in this ward. That was fantastic to. Elder Woolley had been here for quite a while so he wasnt to excited to be here anymore. One of the best things is he does not look down on me at all. It is really nice to feel like an equal.
So for the past week I have basically been taking over the area. I have to do this because Elder Halle is new coming in and he has to learn the area and because I have been here the longest I know the area and people better. Things have been going great and we have suddenly been seeing a bit of success. We all of sudden went from just a few investigators to around 5 or 6 promising investigators.
We were able to take Alyssa and her friend to a baptism on Saturday. We were able to have a very spiritual lesson before as well. It was amazing because we went into the lesson not really knowing what to teach her and we jsut went with the spirit. We taught her a lot about the blessing that we receive through baptism and mainly receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so great and so amazing to see her beginning to progress. After that we went to the baptism of a little boy in the ward. We eat dinner there quite a bit so herr asked me to speak at his baptism. I got to speak on the Holy Ghost. It was jsut a simple 5 minute talk but I was grateful for the oppurtunity I had to speak. So after the baptism we invited Alyssa and her friend to come to church the following day and amazingky they agreed. So we were able to bring them to church.
We also had a member bring one of her friends and we picked her up as a new investigator. Her name is Riley and she is about 14 she is quite interested in learning more. So I told her that we were the people that could help her. We set up a lesson for this coming Sunday. So that is a bit of what has been going on. It is amazing how quickly we have fallen into work. Iam very grateful for it and cant wait to see how some of it unfold.
So it sounds like this past week has been a little hectic. I hope everyone is doing well though. Hannah I hope you got my card that I sent you. It was sent with much thought ans consideration. That was so kind of you all to throw a big party for Celestial. I cant even imagine how much that probably meant to her. I am so excited for the temple dedication coming up. I am not sure if it is going to be broadcast out here but I will check and try to find out. I hope you all have a good time at the dedication service. Dad that was awesome that both uncle wayne and Aunt Becky got animals and that elk was insane! I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw that thing. Dont worry it only makes me a little homesick. You should send me some sagebrush so I can smell it and feel like I am up hunting. haha I hope everything is going well for you at work. That is really exciting that Katleyn got asked to homecoming I remember my homecoming and it was one of the funnest dances that I went to.
I would really like to do the book of mormon testimony thing yes. So just type and brief testimony and send it to me. Make sure it will fit in the front cover though. It will definitely help. Testimonies are very powerful and can change people lives. One last thing can you send the last memory card I sent home back to me please. I want to be able to send this one back to you and I need that one to do so. WEll I love you all very much. I have been definitely been feeling your prayers. Keep them coming. I love you all very much and thanks for the support.
Love Elder Payne

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  1. Hello Elder Payne, We are praying for you and all of our missionary boys daily and wish you great experiences that will help you grow and allow you to share the gospel and light with others.

    There was a great article on missionary work this month (Sept) in the Ensign, Pres. Hinckley stated: "The time you spend in the mission field, if those years are spent in dedicated service, will yield a greater return on inestment than any other two years of your lives...If you sere a mission faithfully and well, you will be a better husband, and you will be a better father, you will be a better student, and a better worker". May you serve in dedicated service, forget yourself and work in the Lord's service. May you feel the love of shareing the gospel and forgetting self! Enjoy the mission, each day it gives you new experiences!