Monday, October 14, 2013

Email: Sick..Bummer.

Hello to my family,
                            How is everyone doing this week? I know that last week was a really tough one but I hope you all made it through ok. I know that it definitely was very tough for me at times but I am doing a lot better this week. Unfortunately just yesterday I came down with a really bad cold. It has just killed me the last two days. It has sort of being going through all of us missionaries. First a sister in my zone had it then it spread to my comp. then it went to me. Sometimes as companions we share to much. haha So it sounds like Grandmas funeral and everything went really well last week. That is wonderful, that is exactly what she deserved is a great memorial to her and the wonderful lady that she was. Thank you so much dad for the package that you sent me, it really meant a lot. I was feeling really down that day and it really helped to lift my spirits. Also mom thank you so very much for that story that you sent me about getting sick. It really is amazing the miracles that our Heavenly Fathers works in our lives. Sometimes they are not as prevelant as we would like but occasionaly he works amazing miracles like this. I am so glad that things were able to go so well at the funeral.
                                So a little on what went on here this week. We spent a lot of the week working with this one family, the Windoms. We are working on helping the father quit smoking still. He seems to be getting close to quitting. He really wants to get baptized so it is really sad that he has been able to get baptized up until this point. His son is also really ready to get baptized but he is just waiting for his dad. So that is what is going on with them. Also we picked up a new investigator this past week. We got a voicemail on Monday from a little boy. He said that he is 12 years old and wants to get baptized. He has permission from his mom and is ready to take the lessons. It was pretty awesome and a great miracle. Well that is about all i have to report this week. Like I said I am sick right now and it is not easy to sit here and type I apologize but I promise next weeks will be much better and longer. I love you all so much and hope you are all doing well.

Love Elder Payne

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