Monday, March 25, 2013

Email: Some Funny, Weird Lessons

Hello my wonderful family,
          How is everyone doing this week? Well I sure hope everyone is doing well. I know that this past week was going to be a really busy one so hopefully things turned out well. So things actually went really well this week. I also got my new bike which is awesome. It is actually a really nice bike, I really like it a lot. Thanks again to everyone who helped me out with that. It was extremely stressful as you can imagine but thanks to all of you everything turned out alright. I will have to send you guys pictures of it as soon as I have one.

So a little bit about this week, it turned out to be a very successful week. I also had a few really strange lessons which i will talk about in a bit. We hit a  whole bunch of less active and potential investigators. It turned up a few pretty good leads. So with the weird lessons, The first of 3 of the weird lessons started on Thursday night. We had a lesson with this lady from our apartment complex. Now we had talked to her about an hour and a half before the lesson, just right before we went to dinner. So we arrive with our fellowshipper and she comes stumbling out of this taxi. I mean she can hardly stand up. Come to find out she was extremely wasted! We tried teaching her but she just kept repeating herself and repeating herself. It was absolutely hilarious. So as you can imagine it was pretty strange. What was really funny though is she called us the next day and apologized for missing the appointment. She didn't even remember that we had come over! So that was the first of the weird lessons.

Next was the very next morning, we met with a new investigator of ours. Come to find out he is Schizophrenic, he was saying some pretty strange stuff. One of those things was all I asked was do you believe that God loves us? He just went off for like fifteen minutes. At one point he mentioned Thor and Asgard and one day being able to be telepathic. That was just a very, very strange lesson.

Then to the third one, this happened the next day, so Saturday. We were checking on a less active member who wasn't there and this guy came out thinking we were robbing his garage. We were like no we aren't stealing we are actually missionaries. So we started talking with him about the gospel, unfortunately he was very high. He even told us that he was smoking medicinal marijuana. He eventually was like I want to have the discovery channel come out and have them follow you around. We were just like we probably cant do that I really don't think our mission president will allow us to do that. but we are going back there in a couple of days, so we will see how that goes. Well as you can see it was a strange but pretty good week. Well I love you all and hope things are going well for you all.

Love Elder Payne

P.S. Hey there I just got your email about the same time I finished this. I am so glad things went so well with Kate at prom. Thanks so much for all of the support you guys are all so amazing. Also thee is a family out here the McGhies that are really amazing. They are wanting some of dads organic flour and sugar and stuff they are really into organic stuff. So give them a call because I am sure they would love to buy some of his stuff. McGhies.

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