Monday, March 4, 2013

Email: Baby Savannah

Dear Family,
                 Well I cannot express just how happy I am to have received the news that little Savannah was born and now be able to see some pictures. She is an absolutely beautiful baby, and in the words of the great Michael Scott,(While smoking a cigar)"Ya, its a baby see!"
                            Random nurse: "Sir put that out, put it out!"
                            Michael Scott: " Man you cant smoke anywhere these days!"

               It is so amazing to have a brand new addition to our family. How is everyone feeling now? Have things slowed down any or is it still crazy there? Well I am really happy that everything went well. Keep me updated on everything that is going on with her.

                 So a little about this past week, I will also try to answer all of your questions. So I am in the Rocklin 2nd ward and things are going OK. It is definitely a lot slower than Lincoln, but we are trying to change that around. We were able to pick up two new investigators this past week. One of which isn't too solid but hopefully the one man we met will work out well. We have been working a lot with less active people so we were going around trying to meet more people that we don't know that are not currently active. We had a little success in finding people home but not too much. The bike riding is getting better, my rear end is still a little sore after longer rides but it is a little better now. My bike is holding up OK. I had to take it in and have about 3 spokes replaced and a new chain put on, it is hanging in there though. This past week we had my 2nd district meeting, it went a lot better than the first and I was a lot more relaxed. We covered the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a great lesson to teach. What i did was I had each companionship take one point in the Gospel, study it for about 5-10 minutes and then present it to everyone else. It went really well and I think everyone really enjoyed it. I am trying to get everyone involved rather than just stand up there and drone on, I think that approach is helping a lot. I am really enjoying being district leader though. It isn't too much more responsibility. Basically the only extra work I have to do is teaching district meeting and going on exchanges. It isn't too bad and I like being able to interact with everyone.

                  This coming week is actually going be an interesting week. This Saturday we are having an apostle come and talk to us. I am really excited to get to see an apostle in such a close quarter situation. It should be a really amazing experience. Well that is pretty much it for me. My clothes are holding up fine. I am just trying to have them make it to my year mark. It should all be just fine though. I love you all and I hope everything is going well.

Love Elder Payne

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