Monday, August 27, 2012

Email: Knocking Doors

Monday, July 27, 2012

Hello Everyone,
                     Well this past week has been an interesting one. It started out really well and then kind of dropped off at the end. First I will tell you about  Alyssa and how things went with her. So I told you about the great lesson we had with her on Sunday. So we had another great one on Monday night and then again on Thursday night. She is finally finding the drive to learn more and learn for herself. We have been mostly reading through the Book of Mormon with her. It has been so great to see her faith growing. SO Thursday we invited her to come to a baptism that was going on Saturday. We had planned with her to have a lesson about an hour before and then attend the baptism with her. In the lesson we were going to invite her to be baptized. Well when we went to pick her up. Guess what? she wasn't home. Well that was probably one of the most disappointing moments of my mission thus far. I think it hit so hard because things have been progressing so well with her. As far as finding new investigators we have been unsuccessful in finding anyone yet. That is definitely not from lack of trying. We have been knocking so many doors and talking to so many people with little to no success, but we keep going. I can feel the spirit whispering to me just keep going. So that is what I do I just keep going.   However good news some of the other elders in our zone are finally starting to see some success. So the prayers are definitely helping.
                Last Thursday was awesome. We had a half-mission conference. Elder Cardon of the 70 came and spoke to us. It was such a great experience because both Elder Cardon and President Weston spoke. It was fantastic. I learned a lot about sacrifice and really focusing on what I am doing here.I was so happy I was able to go to that and really gave me a boost for the day.
                 Mom I really liked the package you sent me there was a lot of random stuff in there but it was great. I especially loved the banana bread. It tasted absolutely delicious. So keep that coming. As far as things with my bike. I actually broke a spoke on it, so I am going to have to get that fixed sometime. It probably wont be for a little while because it isn't to bad right now and I can deal with it for now. Anyways some new shirts wouldn't be bad either. As you can imagine with how sweaty i am they get kinda nasty. haha Well I love you all so much and I hope you all had fun at the fair. I miss you a lot.
                                                                             Love Elder Payne

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  1. Elder Payne,

    Glad to know you're having all of the experiences a missionary is supposed to have: working with great people, seeing them progress, seeing them fade a little, and applying your faith to move forward in the Lord's work. I'd love to be out there teaching with you! Your letter to your family made me miss those great/hard times. You're in our prayers Elder and we're very, very proud of you!

    Your Brother in the Work,
    Brian Mickelson