Friday, August 24, 2012

Email: Chilly 85 degrees!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello to everyone,
                     Well this week was definitely one of the most interesting weeks so far. It was a ton better than the week previous. I dont know if it was just my mindset or if it really was better haha. So lets start at last Monday. After P-day activity Elder Woolley headed back to apartment. When we walked inside it was surprisingly hot inside. When we looked at the thermostat it read 90 degrees inside. Well it wasnt lying. It was absolutely blazing in there.We did everything we could think of to fix it but we couldn't get it working.  Luckily we didnt have to spend much time in there because we had a dinner appointment.  When we returned it was just as hot in there. We kept trying stuff to fix it but nothing worked. Plus the front office was closed by this time so there was nobody we could call. So we just endured it. Through opening windows and turning on fans, we got it down to a chilly 85 inside. It was a very interesting night to say the least. We probably only got about 4 hours of sleep that night. We decided that next morning just to go study at  the church to just so we could get out of the heat for a bit. We went to the front office later that day to get somebody to come fix it. Luckily it was a quick fix. All they had to do was change out something and it worked perfectly. So everything turned out just fine there. Some other stuff that was kinda interesting was , we were visiting Alfred and his mother was there. i guess they saw my bike tire and didn't think it was acceptable for me to be riding on. In all fairness it was just a little bald. So we got a text from him the next day saying that they had a surprise for me. We went over and they had bought me two brand new tires for my bike. It was pretty awesome, and I thought it was pretty funny that they were so concerned with my tire. I think the biggest news from this week came just last night. We had a lesson with Alyssa on Adam and Eve. We were reading in 2 Nephi chapter 2. Things just were not making sense to her. So finally she was just like can we just start at the beginning and go from there. We explained more about what is in the Book of Mormon and what it is about. Then we started into 1st Nephi. We read through it explaining stuff along the way and by the time we got through the chapter it was time for us to go. She was just like "No you cant go now this is finally making sense to me." Wow hearing that just completely blew our minds. Elder Woolley has been trying to get her to read and help her understand the Book of Mormon for about 5 months, and finally last night it just clicked. She told us we have to come back today too. We are so excited because things are finally progressing with her.
                    It sounds like things are going pretty well back home. i wish I could be there for the temple open house and dedication. I hope all goes well there make sure and let me know how it goes. Hopefully things turn out okay with Celestial. I will be praying for her. Have Derek and Tevan gone out into the field yet? if they have can you get me their addresses. Well i love you all so much and hope everyone has a great week.
                                                                                  Love Elder Payne
P.S. Staci I am so happy that things are going so well with the baby. I hope you start feeling better soon.

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