Monday, August 5, 2013

Email: Paperwork and a Miracle

Dear Family,
                  Hello to you all. I want to apologize first off because this email will most likely be somewhat short. The reason being it was a crazy last week with mainly just reports and a lot of paper work stuff. So starting out with you all. I am so happy that everything is OK with Drake. I was so stinking nervous and I have been praying a lot for him. I am so glad that he is doing better. Also I am so happy about Hannah and her play. I am really glad that it all went so well, she looked beautiful in all of the pictures.
               Well let me tell you a little about the week. Like I said earlier the week was insane. It was mostly just doing reports and being in meetings. We had a big stake meeting that we had about a 40 page packet that we had to compile. Wow tell me about boring and stressful. What we had to put together was all of the numbers from the past month for the whole zone. We also had a thing which is called the Ward Mission leader process report. It is basically where you say whether or not your Ward mission leader is doing a good job. It was whole lot of fun let me tell you. Anyways we also had a big Mission leadership council. It was actually a lot of fun getting together with a bunch of really great missionaries that I have met and gotten to know. I also really like to sit and counsel with our mission president.
                  So as far as the baptisms go, well they didn't unfortunately. They all fell through for various reasons but we just pushed back two of them to this next week. We are excited for them because one of them, Tracey, has been waiting a very long time to get baptized. We weren't able to get to much other stuff done except for one amazing miracle that happened. So a member of our ward called us on Thursday and told us that they had someone that they would like us to meet and teach. Come to find out that it is the son of one of the members of our ward. He was going up to Oregon on Saturday to get baptized into some random community church up there. Well we met on Friday evening with him and had an amazing lesson. He told us how he didn't want to get baptized by some random person. So basically he was explaining the priesthood. We soft committed him to be baptized and he accepted. We are going to continue to work with him closely. He was definitely a miracle and a major boost to our work.
                      Ok well here is the news with transfers. Elder McMurray is actually staying! Crazy right ? He has been here for 7 and a half months and will be here for about 9. Exciting stuff!
         Well I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all that you do for me and on my behalf. I love you all.

Love Elder Payne

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