Monday, July 15, 2013

Email: Some Manual Labor

Hi everyone how are you all doing this week?
                    So first off I must apologize for something I accidentally omitted from my email last week. Mom called me to repentance for not doing the following and I am grateful for that. So let me tell one particular person I am so sosososososososososososososososo sorry that I forgot to tell you Happy Birthday last week. I am also sososososososososososo sorry that my card took so long to get there. I hope you at least liked it. Elder McMurray and I put a lot of thought into it. We actually were trying to decide what to do for your birthday for about 2 weeks before hand and couldn't decide on it until we finally found that card. So I hope even though it was a little late you still enjoyed it.
                   So a little about my past week. It has been a pretty good week. There actually isn't really that much to report on because even though it was a great week it was still a pretty average week. I know that isn't exactly what you want to hear but that is really about it. I was able to take over the area for the first time this past Thursday. It was a lot of fun even though I was a little nervous about it. We had quite a few good solid lessons with a few of the less active people in the ward. I guess one of the most interesting things that happened this past week was on Saturday. I was on exchanges in the Weaverville ward which is like an hour and a half west of Redding which is way up in the boonies. We had a big huge service project going on for this less active family. We had to build a wheelchair ramp into their house for their father who had been really sick. We had to build it across this big about 5 foot gap. Well lets just say it took quite a while. We started at about 8 and didn't finish up until 3:30. It was a lot of fun actually getting to do a little manual labor, the only problem was my neck and face has not seen too much sun lately well not until Saturday at least and let me tell you they saw all of the sun they could handle. After all those hours I looked at my neck and it was absolutely fried. I unfortunately wasn't too smart and forgot to wear sunblock. Way to go Elder Payne! haha Anyways like I said earlier it was a good week and this coming week is going to be even better. There is a lot going on. On Tuesday we have Presidents interviews, then Wednesday we have AP exchanges, then Saturday is our investigators baptism. So don't worry next Monday there will be a lot to report on .
                     I guess I better answer a few questions, I am in the Redding 5th ward and Shasta YSA branch and they are both great. Anyways I love you all so much and mom and dad I hope you both have a wonderful anniversary I love you both and happy 30 years together.

Love Elder Payne

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