Monday, February 4, 2013

Email: 5 new investigators! 31 new missionaries!

Dear Family,
                    Well I apologize in advance but this email is going to be short. Things are kinda crazy today for some reason so we don't have very much time to email. This week has been really, really amazing. We were able to pick up 5 new investigators this past week and at least 2 of them are very solid. It is very apparent that the Lord is preparing this area for something very great. I think it has something to do with them fact that there are 31 new missionaries coming out in two and a half weeks. With all those new missionaries there is going to be a much needed increase in people to teach. Definitely the best lesson we had this week was with a couple named Sherry and David. They have kids who are 6 and 3. It is crazy like basically all of their friends are LDS and they basically live an LDS lifestyle. We went over and just basically got to know them. They were super nice and open with us. We should be able to set a baptismal date in this next appointment. I am very excited about those two and the potential that they have in the Gospel. One crazy thing that happened this week was we were headed to an appointment and we had about 15 minutes to kill. On the way we saw a sign that was pointing to a yard sale, so we decided to check it out. We were talking to the guy running it and started talking about missionary work and what we do. He told us that he was trying to come to a church for his two boys and that he just didn't know where to go. So of course we told him well we can help you with that. We set up a return appointment and so we are excited for him as well. Well sorry this is so short. Um but Lindsay yes I did get your letter. Staci that is extremely exciting new about the baby! Tyler I hope everything is going well in school and congrats about the calling. Katelyn I am excited to see you in your dress. Hannah I hope everything is going really well for you. Mom and Dad I love you both very much. Robert i want to send a very special b-day shout out. Happy Birthday man I love ya. I hope everyone has a great week. Love Elder Payne

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